Intermodal Routing

Aggregating and blending all modes of transportation into one seamless model, and computing human-centered solutions that benefit users and partners.

Whole-Day Planning

Not just scheduling a to-do list, our system aids discovery of new locations, incorporates delivery services, and will find alternative plans when life gets complex.

One Engine, Infinite Applications

Our business is geared to your business. We work exclusively 1:1 B2B to hone our expertise and augment your existing offering.

Industry Applications

Our technologies enhance web and mobile products for companies in the mobility, hospitality, health, and retail sectors. Learn more

Hospitals and Insurance

Help patients get to appointments in a way that is safe, reliable and in budget, reducing late-notice cancellations.


Let your guests travel like a native and always get the most out of their vacation or business-trip by surfacing and connecting infrastructures.

Car Companies

Our routing and planning tools help drivers find parking, avoid congestion and schedule errands in a way that fits seamlessly with their day.

A Team from MIT

Our core technology team all hail from MIT. Learn more

Anna Jaffe


Trained at MIT, Anna brings more than 7 years experience running MIT's Vehicle Design Initiative to Mobi. As CEO she is responsible for Mobi's problem and product definition for the mobility, tourist and fleet planning applications, as well as corporate strategy and key partnerships.

Peng Yu


Peng graduated from MIT with a PhD in Artificial Intelligence. He leads the development of Mobi's intermodal routing and planning system, and work to fundamentally advance the science of routing and planning for urban transportation problems.

Yingxiang Yang

Chief Data Scientist

Yingxiang graduated from MIT with a Masters degree in the transportation program. He leads the development of Mobi's travel planning and monitoring system, as well as the data analytics platform for mobility-related decision-making problems.