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As a B2B technology company, we build state of the art technology that you can embed in your existing web and mobile tools, providing destination discovery, trip planning, real time trip support, and resource optimization.

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Plan and support amazing travel experiences.

Set business objectives and choose the data your customers see in their planning process


Reporting drives future improvements


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Deem brings state-of-the-art technology to the business travel space and Mobi brings state-of-the-art technology to us. Mobi helps us treat every traveler and every trip as unique, and personalizes every recommendation and trip plan. This means that together we deliver flight, hotel and ground transportation options that don't just work ahead of time but work in real time. We present trip plans that aren't only policy compliant but designed to get the most value from and work done during every trip.

Todd Kaiser
SVP Business Development & Strategy, Deem, Inc.

The Mobi team’s passion and open-minded approach to listen, adjust, and deliver high quality outputs, on time and according to our needs was remarkable. Our teams were able to engage collaboratively and in real time, in order to achieve innovative solutions to a number of successful projects!

Claudia V. Goldman, PhD.
Staff Researcher, GM R&D

Companies hire Mobi because Mobi’s comfort zone is completely out of the client’s comfort zone. This is a company with clear, long, embedded relationships. Mobi has the leadership so projects don’t get de-scoped or delayed; they stay at scale and are delivered on time.

Philip Wolf
Founder, Phocuswright

We want to make the experience of planning the perfect trip the most inspiring and seamless experience it can be for our Card Members. The focus should be on the magic of the trip, not the efforts of planning it. With Amex Trip Planner, we’re leaning into innovation to do just that. Our Card Members have a one-stop shop to explore and plan their flights, hotels, dining, and activities, offering recommendations tailored to their preferences, along with features to optimize travel-time and sequence activities.

Ali Driesman
Vice President, Business Development, Amex Digital Labs

When I have to solve a very complex technical/AI problem whether I am at Disney, Unum, or another company – My first phone call is always to the Mobi team. Mobi is the most talented and sharp company I have ever worked with by a significant margin. Their ability to partner, understand the problem, and design/develop the perfect solution is unparalleled. I personally have bet my career 3 times on Mobi’s ability to deliver a solution (They have never failed me) which speaks to my confidence in their abilities. I can’t think of another company I would make that kind of bet for.

Reed Hayes
Global Head of Data Science and AI, Unum

Customers approach AWS looking for personalization but personalized results for retail and personalized results for travel are very different problems given the historically limited data suppliers have on their guests. In partnership with Mobi we are able to deliver digital solutions that regenerate rich customer data and state of the art digital interactions that result in truly personalized trips and insights as well as the digital transformation many brands have been seeking for more than a decade.

Head Worldwide BD, Travel and Hospitality
Amazon Web Services

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Learn how your organization can use Generative AI and trip planning technology to better engage your customers.