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Mobi gives you incredible power, incredibly simply... the unique dial interface allows you to quickly create your perfect trip

under the hood: intermodal magic

Powering the Mobi app is the unique MobiEngine. It works like no other routing software out there. Core features include:

proximity jump

Wherever you're headed, it often makes sense to blend modes of transport. For example, can't find parking near the big game? Park two stops away on the subway, then ride in. Use each mode of transport for what it does best, and blend them in a way that makes perfect sense. Mobi means you don't have to think about this: this kind of logic is baked in.

extended reach

If you don't own a car, you've probably often been frustrated by your city's public transit networks. Maybe the place you're headed is just out of reach of the subway, but getting an Uber the whole way would be expensive. By intermodal blending, Mobi bridges that gap: suddenly, everything is within reach, quickly, cheaply, and without having to do any mental gymnastics. And soon, you'll be able to pay for it all upfront with a single tap.

seamless blending

Mobi knows where every vehicle in your trip is in real-time, and only asks you to make connections when these are convenient and fast. The experience is like flying: no more waiting on platforms, or freezing at bus stops... your ride is there when you are. Try this once and you'll agree, it's amazing.

right place, right time

Travel conditions change constantly. Weather, rush hours, major events... the transport systems of your city constantly ebb and flow. Mobi tracks all of this, and optimizes your routing advice against a holistic connected model. Doing this ensures not only a smoother, faster, frustration-free trip for you every time, but enables us to actually reduce congestion and pollution at scale, improving quality of life for everyone.

if we only think of travel as getting from A to B, we forget the human dimension...

Our travel decisions are often mindless. We jump in a car, or wait endlessly for the same bus...

Mobi gives you the insight and confidence you need to try something new. Experience more mindful travel choices. Reduce your carbon. Get some physical activity in. And save time and money doing it.

it's personal

Mobi is the only personalized routing app. With its unique preference model, it learns what you like. It only shows you options you'll take. And if you want to change things up, it's fun and easy.

it's low-guilt

Mobi is aware of the carbon footprint of every part of your trip, and can optimize your travel to reduce carbon guilt. Using our revolutionary dial interface, simply adjust the level of carbon to something you can live with, and Mobi will route your trip to match.

it's motivational

Most of us struggle to find time to get enough physical activity. Mobi allows you to build this into your travel time, allowing you to live healthier while still being on time and staying within your budget. Tell Mobi where you're going and when you need to get there, and how many calories you want to burn en-route, and Mobi will deliver: maybe you'll leave ten minutes earlier, and get off the bus two stops before your destination to walk the last stretch. Or drive to a nearby bike-share point and cycle a stretch. These kind of conscious and easy decisions can significantly enhance your well-being, while reducing the stress of getting around.

it's looking out for you

Getting around ain't cheap, and it adds up quickly. The average urban American spends 18% of their annual income on travel! Mobi not only lets you find cheaper trips (which are usually faster and healthier for you and the planet as well), but soon it will help you budget your travel expenditure, and suggest ways for you to optimize this each time you travel. For example, if it's going to rain three days from now, and you usually travel on that day, Mobi might start saving money for you now by recommending cheaper travel options, so that when that rainy day comes, you can afford a cab and stay warm and dry. Within your travel budget. And without surge fares.

a day in the life

Mobi helps you negotiate your day, on your terms.

Mobi Services

a MaaS-focused consulting service, available exclusively to Mobi API licensees

UX/UI for partner applications

Integration with 3rd-party APIs

Integration for mobility data

Mobi Services enables companies to leverage our considerable expertise in domain-specific data integration, UX/UI design, and app development to speed up the integration of Mobi's Intermodal Routing and Planning API into their own projects.

Whether it is front-end development for a user-facing app or a back-end integration of data from a range of third parties, Mobi Services can help you realize your MaaS vision.

Get in touch and let's explore what we can build together!

"We gotta fix this..."

why we're doing it

Too often technology makes life worse: it creates disconection and anxiety. But we believe in the power of design and technology to improve life. Getting around is not the experience it should be in 2017. We want to change this.

Additionally, the world is in a time of ecological crisis which cannot be ignored. Mobi is conceived as a means to help tackle this: our goals include reducing congestion at scale through better meeting the travel needs of individuals.

Our team hails from MIT and RISD, and is passionately commited to building a smarter, cleaner, cooler means of getting around. We hope you'll join us.

Anna Jaffe CEO

MIT '09 Biomimetic Eng.
Equestrian athlete
Founded Mobi in 2013

Yingxiang Research

MIT '14 - Civil Eng.
Works with data

Dr. Peng Yu Engineering

MIT '16 PhD - Aero&Astro
Powers the MobiEngine

Wan Chi Lau Strategy

Cornell '81, BU '87
Akido black belt

Conrad Fulbrook Design

Cambridge '08, RISD '15
Loves Caffe Nero

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