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image of Mobi's team
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When the mission is critical, it’s critical to get started.

While everyone is talking about implementing AI, few know exactly where to start. We suggest your hardest, most intractable problems. That’s where Mobi shines and where a Collaboratory can validate your strategy, de-risk your commitment, and determine if Mobi’s team of leading AI practitioners is the right fit for your organization.

Fast development

Validated results

Scalable AI solutions

Step 1: Identify

Define the opportunity, outline a solution

Together, we will uncover a high impact opportunity where Mobi’s Collaborative AI technology would drive the most business value for your organization. Then we will collaboratively define data requirements and success metrics for the pilot before we get started. Clear alignment on goals, requirements, and expectations will ensure success.

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Step 2: Iterate

Fast track real results

Using your real data to produce real results, Mobi will create a custom solution in a rapid prototyping phase. If data availability is an issue, Mobi will simulate a scenario using incomplete or synthetic data to illuminate a path forward. Throughout this phase Mobi will ensure clear, consistent communication between teams is maintained to remove any roadblocks and address any concerns.

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Step 3: Implement

Drive to production

Mobi will deliver a working prototype on time and within budget with clear results that meet or exceed the agreed upon KPIs. If satisfied, together, we will chart a path to full rollout of a scaled solution including defining milestones for development & deployment, creating our business agreement, and establishing reporting guidelines.

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