About us

Mobi builds technologies that enhance human capability

At Mobi, we believe that AI is a powerful set of tools and technologies that can either be used to enhance human capability or replace it. We side with humanity.

What we do

Mobi is building the next generation of technology infrastructure. Across industries, we’ve recognized significant opportunities where our strengths can help transform operational efficiency, employee productivity as well as make a positive impact on the world around us.

Some of the world’s biggest brands trust Mobi's AI platform to tackle their biggest business problems by making sense of their data, connecting their teams and automating “next-best” decision making.

Founded in the research labs of MIT in 2012, we work, build, and learn together at our headquarters in Somerville, MA.

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Our history

What we do may sound simple enough, but the reality is that the work we perform represents an incredibly challenging technical problem.

Our platform is rooted in seven decades of academic research and development, and made possible by the last decade’s concurrent advances in computing power and AI technology.

We’re proud to stand at the inflection point between cutting-edge theory and real-world applications. As we continue to grow and build new products for travel and other industries, academic research remains a constant point of inspiration to us.

2024 Built In best places to work
Boston Business Journal Best Places to Work 2024
Inc Best Workplaces 2024
2024 Built In best places to work
Boston Business Journal Best Places to Work 2024
Inc Best Workplaces 2024

Our values

Build with care

Business has a profound impact on the world’s communities and ecosystems. We aim to make it a greater force for good by incorporating environmental and socially sustainable values in everything we build.

Center diversity

At its best, humanity supports and celebrates diversity. We aim to do the same through the products, partnerships, and company culture we’re building.

Share our knowledge

Knowledge is power, and we aim to share it. We publish, speak, and consult in order to benefit our clients, and the field of Collaborative AI technology in general.

Real > virtual

We don’t believe in creating tech just for the sake of it. We aim to create technologies that unlock meaningful new experiences in the physical world.

Our investors

We’re proud to be backed by an outstanding group of investors who share our commitment to building transformative technologies.

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Our team leadership

Image of Anna Jaffe

Anna Jaffe


Image of Peng Yu

Peng Yu


Image of Andrew Boch

Andrew Boch


Image of Yingxiang Yang

Yingxiang Yang

Chief Data Scientist

Image of James Russell

James Russell

Chief Product and Engineering Officer

Image of Brian Williams

Brian Williams

Chief Scientist

Image of Ashleigh Jaffe

Ashleigh Jaffe

Head of People and Performance

Image of Paul Schauder

Paul Schauder

Senior VP, Marketing & Brand

Image of Wan Chi Lau

Wan Chi Lau

VP Partnerships

Image of Harriet Brown

Harriet Brown

VP Product

Image of Mike Peterson

Mike Peterson

Director, People and Performance

photo of Lorenzo Davoli

Lorenzo Davoli

VP Product, Europe

Image of Kevin Oja

Kevin Oja

Team Lead, Operations Engineering

Image of Jacob Broida

Jacob Broida

Team Lead, Continuous Planner

Charles Morehead

Team Lead, Planner

Image of Dingli Zeng

Dingli Zeng

Team Lead, Intermodal Routing

Image of Dana Rosenfarb

Dana Rosenfarb

Team Lead, Global Content

Image of Simon Fang

Simon Fang

Team Lead, Architecture and Information

Image of Felicia Liang

Felicia Liang

Team Lead, Product Design

Image of Winston Liao

Winston Liao

Team Lead, UI Toolkit