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Transforming work with Collaborative AI

Get your team working faster, smarter, and with new purpose, across the value chain, thanks to Mobi’s platform.

Collaborative AI Platform

Critical decision making, made better

Humans are amazing, except when the amount of information or the speed of change overwhelms us. Then we tend to create arbitrary rules to simplify decision making. Mobi changes that by contextualizing data, analyzing situations, and suggesting optimized options. Helping humans to do what they do best – engage, empathize, and use their judgment.

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Data and content

Making sense of the world around us

Mobi ingests, cleans, unifies, and assures the accuracy of contextual, temporal, spatial, and preferential data at scale. By expanding the taxonomy of our platform to include your unique business logic and content types, Mobi can make optimized recommendations for your team and customers whether engaged in creating a smart travel itinerary or extinguishing wildfires.

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Custom models

Applying cutting-edge theory to the real world

Mobi’s teams of engineers are responsible for developing the science behind the models we use to solve the most challenging business problems of our time. Our innovative algorithms help create order and efficiency from your complex and chaotic universe of people, places, and things. This leads to new ways of operating, better prediction capabilities, and empowers your team to deliver personalized service and support with a clear, real-time picture of what’s happening.

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Customize Mobi to meet your every need

While our clients experience our products as front-end components, more than 50 microservices work together in the background to power our products. Easily adaptable to your particular need, you can leverage our foundational work to build cutting-edge experiences faster, and with confidence.

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A holistic view of your customers and assets

Mobi dashboards deliver data-driven insights gathered from across your enterprise. Easily configure your KPIs, control in-app content, and make user adjustments over time. Mobi integrates with almost all existing systems to speed digital transformation and unleash the power of Collaborative AI.

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Core competencies

Data processing

Data Ingestion
Data Cleansing
Data Validation
Data Fusion
Data Characterization
Data Enrichment
Data Structuring
Large Language Models

Data Science

Machine Learning
Optical Character Recognition
Computer Vision
Neural Networks
KNN Models
Relation Extraction
Natural Language Processing

Decision models

Multi-model Decision Making
Constraint Optimization
Bandit/Reinforcement Learning
Best-first Conflict-Directed Relaxation
Graph Intelligence

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