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Inspire your guest from first touch every time and capture more of their total trip spend every stay.

Blue Sky

Help your customers imagine and find the perfect property from the experiences, amenities and places they are searching for on their next trip.

Core Itinerary

Support your customer in adding essential experiences to their plan that they can anticipate ahead of arrival and tell stories about when they return.

Imminent Arrival

Ensure your customer has peace of mind as they check flight status, add additional experiences and dining, check transportation options and tune details for the best result.


Drive local engagement to help your guests live spontaneously and discover new things in context once they arrive.

Mobi-enhanced concierge service

The strongest chess team in the world today is a combination of man and machine - not the best player or most brilliant AI but a synthesis between the two - and with Mobi we offer you a similar intelligence that works in tandem with your guests and concierge team to deliver an unparalleled planning process. As a B2B business we tie into your concierge system and web and mobile guest facing tools for one seamless experience. We stitch together the specific people or places your guests are in the city to see, curated city content, exclusive content, and your rooms, spa, dining and on property amenities.

Curate the destination

Your guests stay with you not only for the extraordinary service but for unparalleled access to the city. Mobi’s curated city layer gives you digital access to the 1,000-2,000 places in a city that in any direction offer the absolute best of any activity. Whether your guests are looking for the best hot chocolate croissant at 5am, best boutique to buy cashmere sweaters or ideal spot to sit anonymously and out of sight but with the world rushing by, they will find it through you with curated city embedded in your app.

Leverage access to people, places and experiences that no one else can offer.

One of the biggest rising opportunities both to drive loyalty and revenue come in the form of exclusive experiences you curate to your guests. 92% of luxury guests say they travel for the memory they are coming to make and delivering this is the very highest form of hospitality. Mobi can help you surface these experiences to your guests: working out with a world class athlete, having dinner prepared by a Michelin rated chef, going behind the scenes to shop from the workshops of their favorite brands or learning from a master. Exclusive content is season-less in an industry that can often have high seasonality.

Capture more of your guest's total spend

Your guests preferences around trip planning will be diverse. Some will prefer to call or chat while others will prefer to shape their stay on their own via digital interactions. With Mobi you can meet the needs of every guest who stays with you with the same flair and finish and in so doing capture more of the total trip spend of every guest. Not only does this drive loyalty but guests will take advantage of the world you give them access to because they have booked a room and made the initial investment.

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Luxury Hotels

You have done the work to build loyalty and trust with some of the most valuable customers on the planet. With Mobi you can infuse the same humanity, attention to detail and access to extraordinary experiences into your digital guest experience, the web and mobile tools your guests touch first any time they book. Inspire your guest from first touch every time and capture more of their total trip spend every time.

Fill planes by powering discovery tools that drive demand to under-utilized flights and streamline the rebooking process in the case of delay.

Blue Sky

Fill under-used assets and bringing customers to your web and mobile tools again and again by helping them find the perfect destination and ideal flights.

Core Itinerary

Support your customer in adding essential experiences to their plan that they can anticipate ahead of arrival and tell stories about when they return.

Imminent Arrival

Through prediction and replanning, help your guests rebook in case of delay or cancellation while distributing demand across your network to minimize impact.


We help your customer on the day of their flight: getting to and from the airport, streamlining snack pickup and getting to the gate in perfect time.

Help your customers find the best trips

Help your customers discover the world at their fingertips with intelligent tools driven by all the criteria a traveler cares about - the experiences available at the destination, temperature and accessibility, budget and availability. In helping travelers plan and discovery in the blue sky stage not only can you pull them away from your competitors but you can also help them find routes they might not otherwise know exist and thus fill planes that might otherwise be undersold.

Help your guest imagine the destination, not just the flight

Mobi stitches together everything a traveler might want to find in-destination whether it’s the best Thai massage, a tucked-away beach, a café to catch up on work or other unique experiences they’ll remember for life. By including these as part of the destination discovery process you open the door to capturing more of their total trip spend and inspire additional travel.

Give customers confidence

Business and leisure travelers alike looking to make a cruise or other critical event want to know their flight will be on-time. With Mobi’s flight prediction engine you can show your customers which flights have a better than 95% chance of on-time performance based on historical performance and, as the flight date approaches, surface predicted weather, inbound flight dependencies and other factors. Travelers pay more for confidence.

Streamline how customers rebook their trip

Our online monitoring system provides an industry leading trip cancellation prediction service and online replanning. Your customers can see alternate flights, including those that might have an added fee or that leave from a nearby airport. Alternative ranking also takes probability of delay or cancelation into account as well as the accessibility of the airport if a change in location is available. When the destination is close enough, we can also suggest other ground modes, getting customers to their destination and minimizing impact on your fleet for future flights.

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Since the Wright Brothers made their first flight, airplanes have inspired us to dream about the places we could go and people we might meet. With Mobi we help you fill planes by powering discovery tools that drive demand to under-utilized flights, provide sticky interactions with customers to increase loyalty and streamline the rebooking process in the case of delay.

Predictive fleet placement lets you move vehicles in just the right way and at just the right time.

Blue Sky

Even before customers have made reservations, we can look across the current fleet and identify needed moves that can be planned and executed ahead of time.


Help your customers access the vehicles they need by searching in a way that is decoupled from exact pickup location to return the very best results.

Imminent Arrival

Tasks can be rescheduled as employees call in sick, customers can add last minute reservations or vehicles can be pulled offline for maintenance or refueling.


Our optimization layer provides driver routing and monitoring, replanning across your entire team and fleet and empowers regional managers to keep everything on track.

Optimize vehicle location

The core power of Mobi’s MAPS planning product is our ability to solve not just for individual assignment but vehicle location across your entire fleet based on both predicted and booked reservation requests. At a regional network view, the status of all tasks, driver plans and progress is available at all times. If any task breaks, replanning allows the system to adjust and respond in real time.

Collaborate and respond in realtime

While our MAPS planning and scheduling product can handle interuptions in an automated way, its real strength is its ability to surface questions to regional managers and other team members to respond to in real time. In this way you maintain full control over your system, fleet and team.

Driver intelligence

Every driver has a plan that they can tune. In traditional relocation systems, a vehicle and chase car are required to move vehicles to meet customer reservations or predicted demand. With Mobi we use our intermodal routing layer to generate routes for each driver that get the most work done in the least time and avoid the need for additional drivers by using rideshare, walking, transit or vehicles that can be relocated without impact to move between jobs.

Customer Intelligence

Perhaps the most important value proposition of MAPS is its ability to open up new services for your customers. For example, if a vehicle needs to move anyone for a customer pickup, the vehicle can be sent to the customer directly rather than to a location at the customer’s request, drivers doing relations can pick customers up and upgrades can be used if a vehicle is flagged as particularly costly to move.

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Vehicle Fleets

As mobility and its infrastructure becomes a shared commodity, Fleets of all kinds (rental car, car share, scooter or bikeshare) are susceptible to the eb and flow of daily, weekly or even seasonal demand. Mobi’s predictive fleet placement logic lets you move vehicles in just the right way and just the right time.

Convert the non-cruising world into cruise loving customers.

Blue Sky

Take the criteria your customers have for the perfect cruise and bring it to life for them as a collection of booking recommendations.


Help your customers add detail to their itinerary, adding excursions, spa, dining and other amenities they can look forward to until arrival.

Imminent Arrival

Confirm that your guest's flight will be on time and help them consider details that will make for an easy and stress-free trip.


Keep the spontaneity and discovery alive throughout the trip with in-destination search.

Attract even the un-initiated to the joy of cruising

Cruises combine many uncomparable factors - the ocean, beautiful island ports, effortless and an extraordinary list of things to do. Mobi’s MAPS product lets your guest tell you what they want and need so that the cruise options you surface for them directly respond to their goals, objectives, budget and things they want to include as part of the trip.

Coordinate excursion booking

The more your customers can see and imagine what they are going to do, the more the trip becomes real and worthwhile. Mobi’s MAPS product can help them shape each day to include the excursions and experiences that most captivate them. These anchoring experiences are ones your guest can’t wait for and will likely tell stories about for years to come. The more you can build anticipation for these key events the better.

Manage itinerary details

With a chosen cruise and various anchoring experiences in place, MAPS lets your customer fine-tune and ideate other details they might want to add to their trip. For guests that rely on flights, we can monitor flight status and alert them with rebooking alternatives. Additionally, they can check transportation to and from the hotel or port, plan an extraordinary first day or book on-ship experiences like in-room dining or spa.

Inspire the first trip

Once a person goes on a cruise for the first time there is a 60% chance they will do so again. For the big players, inspiring just 1% of people who might not think cruising is an option for them to give it a try can drive an additional 180M in revenue. Our goal with Mobi is first and foremost to enhance the experience of the travelers you serve every day but the even bigger opportunity we see is to inspire the next wave of cruise takers to go on their first trip.



Mobi’s most powerful cruise offering is our ability to help you convert the non-cruising world into cruise loving customers. Through goal driven search, customers of all types have the opportunity to plan their dream trip around their unique.