Senior or Lead Intermodal Routing Engineer

About Working at Mobi

Mobi works B2B with some of the largest travel, transport and hospitality brands on the planet. We use the scale of our customers to make a difference in the world. We grew the company out of MIT in 2013, and our goal is for each person on the team to have something they do better than anyone else, while also continuously learn from all their peers. Most positions are in-person, based out of our Davis Square office. We also are open to remote positions in Australia or Europe if if you are willing to own some of DevOps in addition to your core role. All roles have positions open for junior, senior, lead and principal / director team depending on your experience.

We recently closed a >20M series A. We are woman-led, and many identities are represented by the current team. Because we’re in the travel space, we encourage everyone on the team to spend a month a year working from anywhere, which we support with a travel stipend. Beyond that, we offer competitive compensation and benefits that are becoming progressively more Scandinavian as we grow.

Your Role

Intermodal routing has been core to Mobi since our founding. Our Agent for Transit product can stitch together multiple transport modes, including bus, train, tram, walking, driving, parking, ride-share, subway, and beyond. Agent for Transit supports planning routes that consider predicted weather and traffic, as well as individual user preferences. It also supports real time travel with updates along the way. Agent for Transit is used by the largest transit network in the world, as well as an entire country, so we do our best to keep it state of the art. The ideal candidate will have:

  • At least 2 years professional experience working on routing applications
  • Be fluent in Java and familiar with python
  • A masters or PhD in CS, operations research, or intermodal routing 
  • Bring any 1 of the following: DevOps, AWS or full-stack experience
  • Care about transit, sustainability, and equitable access to urban environments

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Equal Opportunity

We are an equal opportunity employer; applicants, employees and former employees are protected from employment discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex (including pregnancy, sexual orientation, or gender identity), national origin, age, disability, and genetic information (including family medical history), or any other characteristic protected by law.

How to Apply

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