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About Working at Mobi

Mobi works B2B with some of the largest travel, transport and hospitality brands on the planet. We use the scale of our customers to make a difference in the world. We grew the company out of MIT in 2013, and our goal is for each person on the team to have something they do better than anyone else, while also continuously learn from all their peers. Most positions are in-person, based out of our Davis Square office. We also are open to remote positions in Australia or Europe if if you are willing to own some of DevOps in addition to your core role. All roles have positions open for junior, senior, lead and principal / director team depending on your experience.

We recently closed a >20M series A. We are woman-led, and many identities are represented by the current team. Because we’re in the travel space, we encourage everyone on the team to spend a month a year working from anywhere, which we support with a travel stipend. Beyond that, we offer competitive compensation and benefits that are becoming progressively more Scandinavian as we grow.

Your Role

As a front-end engineer at Mobi, you’ll work with a small and highly creative team to build digital trip-planning experiences being used by some of the world’s leading travel brands. Mobi’s front-end platform provides a highly customizable SDK that powers the web travel portals for enterprise companies in the travel, transport, and hospitality space. You’ll design and build with empathy for both customers and developers. We have no shortage of exciting problems to work on (see examples below!) and you’ll get to collaborate with designers, back-end developers, and enterprise clients to bring to life beautiful, intuitive web experiences. The majority of our front-end stack utilizes React with Typescript so we strongly prefer folks with some React experience and a strong background in TypeScript/JavaScript. Each member of our team brings a unique perspective to the table – whether it’s a passion for visual art, cooking, music, filmmaking, fashion design, or something else, we love finding talented people with diverse backgrounds.

Exciting challenges we’re solving today:

  • Agent SDK (Somerville, MA): Agent offers a drop-in web travel portal with a personalized trip-planning experience providing the wisdom and assistance you would expect from a master travel agent: a deep understanding of place, the ability to ask poignant questions to understand what a traveler is looking for, and exploration/recommendation features to deliver a story-worthy experience on each day of your trip. By distilling these experiences into a reusable React component library, you are helping to ensure that these positive impacts will reach millions of people.
  • Bifrost Travel Site (Stockholm, Sweden): Our Bifrost team is building a radically new customer-facing travel site by consuming Mobi’s own Agent SDK and opening it up to the general public. Bifrost operates a bit like its own startup within Mobi and its mission is twofold: to simultaneously deliver a cutting edge trip-planning experience (imagine Bifrost helping to create and book the most magical trip handpicked just for you) while also helping the Agent SDK team to constantly keep improving on the underlying library.
  • Front-End Success (Somerville, MA): As Mobi continues to build strong relationships with enterprise partners, there are many opportunities to work in more partner-facing roles where you’ll get to collaborate with our partner’s engineering teams and own the customer experience for that specific partner. In this hybridized role (where Mobi serves as both the core platform and an agency), you’ll work hand-in-hand with the Agent SDK team to build the necessary components and create the ideal end-user experience for the client.

The ideal candidates will share the following traits:

  • Be fluent in JavaScript/TypeScript and CSS and comfortable working with either React and Next.js
  • Follow best practices for creating responsive web experiences
  • Enjoy collaborating with the design team to deliver intuitive features and robust, reusable components
  • Love to travel and care about both place and how we understand who we are
  • Be ready to work as a strong contributor on a small dynamic team of talented and creative developers
  • Contribute your unique perspective, creativity, and kindness to help build and maintain our welcoming and collaborative company culture

We’re always hiring front-end engineers of all skill levels:

Team Lead:

  • Have at least 5 years of professional front-end web development experience and ideally at least 1 year at an agency seeing multiple projects through from start to finish
  • Managed their own team before and is ready to lead a small dynamic team or work as a lead contributor on this team
  • Has experience with cross-functional work with backend developers, designers, product managers, etc.
  • Experienced with developing workflows, project structure, and architecture of large-scale apps and libraries and has previously built, deployed, and maintained UI libraries and web applications
  • Bring strong opinions about best practices
  • Want to own overall product architecture for core modules or own development for a particular vertical (cruise, hotel, air, business travel, online travel agency, etc)

Senior Software Engineer:

  • Have at least 3-4 years of professional front-end web development experience
  • Has worked with best practices with respect to testing, performance optimization, and component organization
  • Write clean, performant code for large scale applications

Junior Software Engineer:

  • Have at least 1-2 years of professional front-end web development experience
  • Strong understanding of CS fundamentals (algorithms, data structures, object-oriented programming, etc)
  • Be a self-starter who is ready to learn quickly
  • Enjoy solving challenging problems and learning in a fast-paced environment

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Equal Opportunity

We are an equal opportunity employer; applicants, employees and former employees are protected from employment discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex (including pregnancy, sexual orientation, or gender identity), national origin, age, disability, and genetic information (including family medical history), or any other characteristic protected by law.

How to Apply

Email your resume and cover letter to:
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