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Mobi & AWS
Powering Digital Engagement and Individualization for Travel, Transport and Hospitality
We collaborate with our customers to solve industry transforming, profit margin generating, market share capturing solutions. Whether you own and operate a single property or manage tens of thousands of locations, have a small fleet or the largest or care most about a local or global customer base, our platform has a solution that will feel native to you.
Our Offering
Just as Intel gave our devices the speed we love, Mobi powers the next generation of intelligent, responsive digital technologies for travel, transport and hospitality suppliers. You have spent tens if not hundred of years and millions if not billions of dollars ensuring your rooms, planes, ships, shows, dining, amenities and teams are organized to deliver an extraordinary guest experience every trip. Now, you want to deliver a digital experience that provides the same human touch and attention to detail.

With Mobi on AWS not only will your mobile app, website, chat or email provide responsive, individualized content and interactions but you will close the physical gap between your brand and guests so they can take advantage of everything you offer any time it is of value to them. As an exclusively B2B enterprise platform provider, our technology sits invisibly behind your existing digital channels from search to stay.

The following pages show how our technology works on your behalf surfaced through web, mobile, email, chat and your internal booking tools.
Our Modular Services
Everything we have built is designed to ensure you deliver exactly what you want to build. No need to de-scope. See results through any channel in weeks.
All you need to go live with Mobi is a connection to the inventory you want to feed into the system. We aim is to have you up and running your first customer tests in 2-4 weeks. Then, to build a collaboration together that yields unmatched bottom-line growth year-over-year.
Your data connects to our MAPS Platform, which powers every solution we deliver. Horizontally trained and globally licensed, MAPS returns solutions in <100ms to even the most nuanced routing, planning and personalization questions.
For maximum customization, our entire platform is accessible via Mobi's REST APIs. Most travel and hospitality problems can be solved by connecting to a single API endpoint. Our basic API is publicly accessible here
We offer both web and mobile Toolkits to accelerate the integration timeline on your side. Toolkits are available for our Blue Sky Booking Suite and Call Center Portal Suite and will be available for Customer Profiles, Individualized Email and Chat later this year.
Customer Profiles
Your customers know what they want. It's up to you to give them the tools to tell you what those wants are. Leverage your historical data as well as real-time web and mobile interactions to capture exactly what your guests want and deliver every time.
Customer Profiles
Explicit Preferences
We are all collectors; some of memories, photographs, dirt from far away lands. Travel lets us collect and plan future adventures. With Mobi's Profile Builder on AWS, the market, your customers, tell you directly what they want to see, do and experience in the world, when they want to travel and who they want to travel with. There are few better feelings than being seen and understood and with Mobi's explicit preference elicitation tools, profile builders and quizzes your guests have the opportunity to give you a window in on their world.

The Explicit Preferences API lets you build rich tools for your customers to tell you what they want. The map based Toolkit lets you quickly do this for specific destinations as fantasy digital travel.
Customer Profiles
Daily Quiz
We love to dream about leisure travel more than just about anything else. With Mobi's Daily Travel Quizzes you can offer your customers short daily interactions where they can accumulate travel points or travel credits and tell you more about what they really want to see, do and experience. Each of these answers is processed and stored as part of Mobi's Travel Brain on AWS to give you deeper insight into your customers at both the individual and meta-level.
Customer Profiles
Saved Places
Through each of Mobi's digital engagement channels, customers can save places they want to visit on upcoming trips. These places could be properties, restaurants, landmarks, experiences, hiking trails, rides, excursions or shows they are particularly excited about. These saved places can be restricted to ones you own, curated to include only the best option in a particular destination or freeform so a guest can add and track just about anything. Saved to each individual's profile, this data is processed and used for real-time in destination recommendations, custom sort on dining, experiences and stay and individualized email content to prime conversion.
Individualized Email
Humans are fickle and great at ignoring email that aren’t from friends, a family member or work. They also love content that arrives when they need it. With Mobi's email matching service on AWS you'll send the right email to the right customer with the right promotion to maximize engagement.
Individualized Email
Individualized Promotion
The most straightforward but still lucrative win Mobi offers through email is customized promotions. Depending on how your marketing and revenue teams collaborate, Mobi can either match existing promotions with customers most likely to convert or generate custom promotions customer-by-customer to maximize conversion and minimize the overall discount applied to achieve that conversion.

Promotions and incentives can include but are not limited to points, travel credits, discounts, packages or opaquely priced bundles.
Individualized Email
Trip Inspiration
We are inspired by books that turn into movies in our minds and experiences that have depth and diversity to them. Mobi's Trip Inspiration email template on AWS uses our Travel Brain and MAPS Planner to generate complete, customized trip stories for your customers so they can image their next stays with you. In reading these emails your customers should be able to taste the food they would eat, hold the goods they would buy in their hands and feel the experiences your rooms, planes, ships or parks give them access to.

Delivery: Approximately once a month.
Individualized Email
Abandoned Cart
Any time a customer gets close to booking with you, whether they are just looking on your site or put a product in a digital cart, Mobi's Abandoned Card Email Template can nudge them to book both what they originally considered and more. It’s like a trip to the grocery storey for one item you couldn’t quite find and then leaving with heaps more because good things inspired you.

Delivery: Within minutes of deciding not to move forward with your business, the Abandoned Cart Email arrives to interrupt searches with competing online travel agencies or other channels.
Individualized Email
Once a customer has a core booking with you, a few days before they travel, Itinerary brings their first day to life. With all the insight of a great concierge and the practicality of a seasoned planner, the itinerary email takes the first day of their stay and builds it out. Itinerary invites them to adjust the recommendations or plan additional days and experiences in destination. Learn more about what your customer wants and (if you support a digital concierge capability), invite them in before they arrive.

Frequency: 2-3 days out.
Blue-Sky Planning
Our research shows that even people who hate travel planning spend 8 hours with those that love it spending over 100. Blue Sky succeeds where previous itinerary engines fail. It lets people take their time with your tools and content, providing rich pathways to express what they want and support discovery from daydream to in destination across everything you offer.
Blue-Sky Planning
Destination Discovery
You enable your customers to visit some of the most spectacular destinations in the world. Let them discovery the value of what you offer in full detail and cater to guest preferences, goals and desires. Destination Discovery is flexible in that it can return a sorted list of countries, cities, properties, places to stay or itineraries unique to each individual.
Blue-Sky Planning
Intelligent Sort for Stays, Dining & Experiences
Every guest is unique. Every guest deserves a unique sort and so does your bottom line. With Mobi's intelligent and responsive sort for stay, dining and experiences you can return a unique list for every guest in response to unusual criteria like their favorite dish or ideal emotional state. Intelligent Sort can be trained off your historical data through our Traveler Brain on AWS and / or respond to direct interaction with the UI in real-time.
Blue-Sky Planning
Sequential and Responsive Itinerary Building
If you have guests that love to plan, then Mobi's Interactive Itinerary Engine is your most powerful resource. Our Itinerary Engine on AWS stitches stay, flight, dining, shopping and experiences together for one seamless trip. The underlying algorithms take explicit and historical preferences, predicted weather and travel times, inventory and price, ratings and reviews, trip budget and goals into account to build the best stay. Individuals can control every step of the process or turn on recommendations to discovery places and experiences they might otherwise never have known to exist.
Blue-Sky Planning
Intelligent Recommendations
Intelligent Recommendations help a guest plan the perfect trip with you and present opportunities to cross-sell and upsell content you own or that generates commission. Recommendations can be configured to suit your brand, returning:
  • Just one brilliant experience per day.
  • Any combination of dining, shopping or activities.
  • Complete collections of tunable recommendations.
Recommendations can be returned as a rank order list or as a fully-formed responsive itinerary. Each recommendation includes alternatives that are thematically similar, close in proximity, more or less expensive or more unusual than the recommendation for a satisfying, personalized result.
Digital Concierge
Automate the ordinary so your team on the ground can delivery the extraordinary. Upskill every person working at your property so they can know each guest and the city as well as your very best and most knowledgeable concierge team members with Mobi's Digital Concierge Suite on AWS.
Digital Concierge
Rich Chat
Rich Chat provides time, place and person specific answers to your guests in seven categories so they can get the most from their stay.

Rich chat includes contextual:
  • Recommendations for dining, shopping and experiences
  • Ground transportation Options
  • Flight monitoring and rebooking
  • Activity monitoring and replanning
  • Destination discovery
The chat flow can default to a real person whenever a guest asks a question where the answer is uncertain or unscripted. Recommendations can also flow exclusively to and through the concierge team so they are primed in the chat channel but nor released without approval.
Digital Concierge
Real-Time Flight & Activity Monitoring
Your team should be free to spend as much time helping guests as possible. Flight Monitor returns results often before the airlines post delays or cancellations, so your guests can rebook and avoid a frustrating start to their trip. Mobi’s Activity Monitor tracks weather and activity status so should conditions mean an alternative day is better, they or the concierge team are alerted and able to make the change.
Digital Concierge
Contextual Dining, Activity & Transport Recommendations
What we chose to do depends not only on what we want in the moment but also what is accessible and available. Mobi's Contextual Dining, Activity and Transport Recommendations scan available dining reservations, local activities and transportation options to ensure that every recommendation makes sense. These recommendations become particularly powerful once a guests is in trip, has made a few reservations or is standing on the corner late at night looking for the best dinner.
Call Center Portal
The average call center call time to book a travel package is over 45 minutes. This figure often doesn’t include the additional follow-up or research to get to a final, confirmed itinerary. With Mobi's API’s and SDK your call center team has access to the most powerful trip planning tools and the ability to decrease the conversation time to as little as five minutes while increasing upsell and conversion opportunities.
Call Center Portal
Comprehensive Trip Critieria
Your team is expert at talking to your customers to understand where they want to go, what they most want to see, eat and do, what they are worried about and where they want to keep time to relax. Very quickly your team understands preferred airlines or hotels, the foods or experiences that create a strong sense of nostalgia and what the person wants from their upcoming trip more than anything else. The core of Mobi's platform is the ability to ingest both hard and soft criteria. With more than 10,000 requirement options distributed across flight, stay, dining and experience, we recognize and injest any goal or constraint a traveler might have.
Call Center Portal
Complete Trip Bundles based on Preferences
As trip criteria are entered, individualized bundles are created to reflect an ongoing conversation. Bundles include flight, hotel, ground transportation and experiences. Priority can be given to your supply explicitly so it is always surfaced first or we can use forecasting to maximize revenue on a weekly, quarterly or annual basis as a mix of commission revenue and owned supply. Once a trip bundle is established, a full itinerary view is available as shown in Blue Sky Itinerary for tuning and then to share directly with their customer to build and monitor collaboratively even once the customer is off the phone or has left the travel agency.
Call Center Portal
Inventory and Price Monitoring for Trip Elements
Price and inventory availability change minute-to-minute for millions of for flights, hotels, dining and experiences. Mobi monitors the availability and price of every POI in a customer's itinerary to ensure that as prices increase or decrease the customer knows in real-time.
Mobi’s Travel Brain
Our Digital Engagement Platform works together across all channels. Nothing you guest says or asks for is lost or ignored. Everything is remembered, learned from and used to make this trip and every future trip the best possible.
Why Work with Mobi?
We work exclusively B2B in travel, transport and hospitality and understand that rapid progress only happens when teams across your organization and budgets align. Mobi powers strategic coalitions across digital, marketing, operations and revenue management so every joint project is delivered early and does more good for your customers and bottom line than we planned for on day 1.
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Mobi on AWS is available for deployment and configuration into your AWS environment today. Setup for web, mobile, email and chat can take as little as 24 hours. Vertical leading OTAs, theme parks, business travel TMCs, credit card issuers, hotel brands and tour and activity suppliers leverage Mobi to delight their customers and brand and maximize their lifetime value and loyalty to their brand.