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Anna Jaffe


Trained at MIT, Anna brings more than 7 years experience running MIT's Vehicle Design Initiative to Mobi. As CEO she is responsible for Mobi's problem and product definition for the mobility, tourist and fleet planning applications, as well as corporate strategy and key partnerships. Her research focuses on the efficient encoding of planning and optimization problems across the different mobility applications, and the architectural design of Mobi's routing and planning engine, which consists of seven inter-connected microservices that work together to support the capabilities. Anna has consulted for Disney R&D, Singapore's Sovereign Wealth Fund and others and been invited to keynote with and by Bill Clinton, the Woz and Susan Hockfield.

Peng Yu


Peng graduated from MIT with a PhD in Artificial Intelligence. He leads the development of Mobi's intermodal routing and planning system, and work to fundamentally advance the science of routing and planning for urban transportation problems. Peng's research focus is the integration of all existing private and public transportation services, such as driving, cycling, walking, carshare, bikeshare and rideshare, and to leverage the massive amounts of data generated by our partner’s mobility services.

Yingxiang Yang

Chief Data Scientist

Yingxiang graduated from MIT with a Masters degree in the transportation program. He leads the development of Mobi's travel planning and monitoring system, as well as the data analytics platform for mobility-related decision-making problems. Yingxiang's research focus is efficient plan generation for travel-related problem, robust monitoring of plan execution, and guest preference and profile modeling.

Wan Chi Lau


Graduated from Cornell and Boston University with backgrounds in biomedical and computer science, Wan has experience managing a variety of technology relationships between startup and larger partners. He leads the discovery and problem specification for Mobi engine’s mobility applications. His research explores new applications of the system in the urban mobility, travel planning and fleet management space, and focuses on the configuration of Mobi’s routing and planning system for different mobility-related problems. At Mobi, Wan leverages his multi-disciplinary background in neurobiology, computer science, and business to explore and create unique opportunities for growth and partnerships.

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Product Strategy

Principal, Product Strategy and Development

The Principal, Product Strategy and Development will play a key role in the overall strategy and business development efforts at Mobi Systems. Through a deep understanding of emerging urban mobility space, existing and emerging competitors, and broader technology trends, this role will help develop a strategic framework for Mobi Systemsʼ B2B product offerings, identify future product opportunities and help drive revenue growth.

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